Team YYWS currently consists of Dwight Daly, Jr. of Humble, TX and Bobby Marker of Houston, TX


- Dwight has been a player for YYWS since June 2014 and has contributed tremendously to the growth of our brand. Dwight has been throwing for three years and initially found out about it from playing Kendama, which is something he's been doing for almost five years. Dwight is currently a college student working towards a Bachelors in Biblical Counseling. Besides throwing yoyo's and lacing tricks on his collection of Kendamas - he rollerblades, works as a Sales Performance Improvement Specialist, and plays guitar and piano.

- Bobby is a San Diego native, but currently resides in Houston Texas. Bobby has been yo-yoing for 14 years and has been hooked since stumbling across websites such as Ken's World on a String and Sector Y. He is the lead organizer for the ever-growing Houston-area Skill Toy Community. Bobby holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Linguistics from UC Davis. He is a clinical research coordinator and psychometrician, and intends to join a Ph.D program in the near future. If Bobby isn't yo-yoing - he's voraciously reading Sci-Fi books, speedcubing,or hanging out with his two cats Pyari and Bartholomew, and his partner Jessica.